Body Scrub and Facial Package

Body Scrub and Facial Package

Body Scrub and Facial Package.
30-minute Body scrub.
30-minute Facial.
60 minutes.


45 minute body scrub & 45 minute facial.

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Please note for this 1.5 hour treatment please book 4 hours in the appointment book.

This allows travel time and you will only be charged for the treatment time.

We also offer Body Wraps -

Body Scrubs and Seaweed wraps are an amazing way to aid weight loss -

Weight Problems

for most women from their early teens on, food means dieting. Ninety-five per cent of women are said to diet at some point in their lives and virtually all put back the weight they lose. And more.

Yoyo diets, especially diet drinks which replace meals, are probably the most futile. Ampthetamines are usually a waste of time and may also prove dangerous. Almost any attempt to lose a lot of weight very quickly is doomed and extremely bad for your health. You body doesn't understand that whet you want to do is get into the slinky little black dress; all it comprehends is famine. So it pulls out all the stops to deal with the looming food shortage, shutting down your body systems to save energy and, as it perceives itself under threat, making you earch ravenously for food.

If you were brought up being told that the food your couldn't stand ws the one which did you the most good, forget it. Dietbreakers, the effective self-help organisation which has enabled many women and some men to kick the dieting habit suggests always choosing food you fancy, which you can really taste and enjoy. Depriving yourself is a short cut to bingeing.

Many people also find it useful to detox once in a while' some practitioners of traditional medicine suggest fasting as often as once a week. This doesn't mean eating nothing, unless you are resting in bed and expending no energy but, instead, giving your digestive system a rest by eating lots of fruit, salads and vegetables and drinking pure water and herbal teas.

If you have a real problem with food, whether it's overeating or under-eating or bingeing, feeling ashamed or frightened won't make it go away.

Many of us have been in exactly the same situation, not knowing where to turn or what to do. There are good sources of help, including the international self help organisation overeaters annoymous. Nutritionists and naturopaths, amongst other complementary therapists, can suggest sensivle eating plans. Counselling or psychotherapy can help with low self esteem. The eating disorders association also provides excellent information packs for the estimated one in ten people with serious problems. Learning to eat well and enjoy your food will five you health, prevent illness and provide you with that energy and joie de vivre which are essential to beauty.

Guidelines for healthy eating

The joy of eating well is that putting good food into your body gives you more energy, which in turn means you rush around more, boost your metabolism. Then you can eat more than many of us would ever dream of allowing on our plates.

Nutritionists Gillian Hamer and Kathryn Marsden suggest the following:

Each day, aim to eat:

one serving of protein (eggs, cheese, soya, meat, fish)

at least five servings of vegetables and fruit (preferably more vegetables than fruit)

at least one teaspoon of good quality oil.

At least one serving of carbohydrates.

Quick weight loss

Although we think diets are the work of the devil, there are times when women feel desparately unhappy if they do not lose some weight quickly. If you only have a few pounds to lose, try food combining or a light detox. The high protein eating plan, recommended by London doctor Dr Richard Petty, can be safely followed for a week or, at most, two.

Avoid dairy produce, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, root vegetables, wheat and fruit.

Four times a day, eat 85 grams of protein with as much salad or vegetables as you like, an any sort of dressing.

Drink at least 2 litres of water and take a good multivitamin and mineral supplement daily.

Supplements you could take:

Garcinia Cambogia is a supplement that is proving to help many people to lose weight. I persaonally have taken it and lost 4 kilograms over two months. This is quite significant as I really struggle to lose weight. This weight loss has not been put back on.

Other supplements you could take would include:

Blue green algae – a general nutritional supplement.

Co enzyme Q10 hailed by some experts as the most exciting antioxidant of all.

Ginseng – a wonderful tonic and energiser.

Supplements to take;

Gazing at rows of bottles with complicated name is not enlightening. We asked nutritionist Patrick Holford of the Institute for Foptimum Nutrition to suggest supplements his guidelines are

Every Day

At a minimum, take a good multivitamin and mulimineral supplement.

If possible, also take a 'super' antioxidant formula, containing vitamins beta carotene, C and E, minerals including selenium, plus amino acids.

Essential fatty acids are vital and most people don't get enough. Look for gamma linolenic acid which is ound in evening primrose, starflower or baorage oils. You should have it daily so ready the label carefully. You also need omega 3 which comes from flax seed oil.

Take vitamin C daily.

Women aged 45 upwards shoulder consider taking a supplement to help prevent bone density loss, particularly if they have osteoporosis in the family. The most important nutrients are calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D and boron. Aim for a product containing a ratio of 400mg of calcium to 200mg of magnesium.

If you are feeling poorly

Grape seed extract is a natural anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial an anti-parasitical. It's marvellous for anything from food poisoning and cystitis to ear infections and sore throats. Take ten drops twice daily whilst infection lasts.

For any sort of digestive upset, and laways following a course of antibiotics, probiotics are invaluable. Look for capsules or pills containing strains of lactobacillus and bifidus, which naturally populate the human gut.

For energy

When you exert a lot of energy, you often crave sweet foods and caffeing for a quick energy fix. This is the time to take chromium which stabilises your blood sugar levesl. Try it as chromium polynicotinate, which contains vitamin B3.

Support the adrenal gland, which controls your reactions to stress of all kinds, with pantothenic acid.

Please phone Tanya on 0408 054 538 for all further information about weight loss and how the modalities on this website can help you lose weight and keep it lost!


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