Eating Vegan Port Douglas

Eating Vegan Port Douglas

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Eating Vegan Port Douglas

Eating Vegan Port Douglas

Diet and Nutrition

There are many treatments available to the client who visits a beauty salon or spa. Although providing these treatments to improve the client’s skin or body condition is the main objective, it is only part of the complete treatment program.

Because of the wide variety of treatments now on offer, you will need to discuss several things with offer, you will need to discuss several ^ things with your client during consultation:

• The client’s body, facial, hand or foot condition. ^his will enable youto recommend the correct and most appropriate treatments to achieve the client’s objectives.

I The client’s medical history. This will tell you if treatment is contraindicated, or needs to be adapted in some way.

I The client’s lifestyle. This may require you to adapt treatment, offer advice about complementary treatments and home care products, provide information and motivation, and plan when the client may attend for treatment to fit in with their schedule.

Eating Vegan Port Douglas

Most clients comment on the lack of time available to them. They may be working in a high-powered job cl” that requires them to work long hours, sometimes ir seven days a week. Others are working parents trying le; to juggle work, home and their children, often with little help. Some clients will have elderly dependants who need constant care. Their different lifestyles may prevent them from eating regular meals, taking regular exercise or finding time to relax. To compensate for their busy schedule, some clients throw themselves wholeheartedly into a hectic social life adding further pressure to their lives by smoking, drinking, over-rich food and ‘burning the candle at both ends’! • Some become stressed, tired or run down, often putting others’ needs before their own.

Clients may need to alter their lifestyle and follow your home care advice to make sure that any improvement achieved in the salon will be maintained. There is no point having slimming treatments V to lose weight or alter body shape and then eating an unhealthy diet and taking no exercise. To be fully effective, a course of anti-ageing facials requires correct home care products and the protection of the skin from harmful damage caused by the use of sun.

e beds, smoking, drinking or partying till dawn! The client will need to make an effort to contribute to the improvements expected, and the lifestyle the client leads will have an impact on the service you provide.

During consultation, therefore, the client’s lifestyle is one of the most important areas discussion as it will present you with valuable information concerning the client’s:

I work and leisure ratio • job • family commitments $ current exercise patterns • methods of relaxation and hobbies • social habits # previous beauty treatments.

Work and leisure ratio

Find out if the client has an occupation. Does the client have to travel far to work or do they work from home? The client might have a young family or elderly relatives to look after with veiy little I time for themselves. This will indicate the client’s possible stress levels and how much free time they will lave to attend for treatment, and what time of The the day the client will be available for you to arrange appointments, particularly if the client is embarking on a course of treatments.


The job a client has may contribute to a problem nee condition that requires your help. It could be that the occupation requires the client to work in an atmosphere that causes skin problems, provides little exercise or increases stress levels. Some clients will work outdoors, which will increase their exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

Eating Vegan Port Douglas

Family commitments

Is the client married or single? Do they have children, and how old are they? This may indicate how stressed clients might be and also that you may have to fit appointments around their family’s daily routine.

Current exercise pattern

These will provide information about levels physical activity, exercise classes or programs the client is already following and whether it is regular or if he or she takes no exercise at all. This will provide you with an indication of current fitness level and self-motivation. In order to offer effective advice for clients who are not regular exercisers, You will need to consider the barriers and incentives to exercise.

Eating Vegan Port Douglas

Methods of relaxation and hobbies

If clients manage to make time for themselves and what they enjoy doing, this will also be a good indication of their current stress level, the time they have available for treatments and what treatments may suit them best. For example, they may have several holidays a year, and if they spend this time sunning themselves on a beach with little or no protection, this could have an adverse effect on their skin. Alternatively, they may want a year-round tan and use sun beds on a regular basis. They may have a sporting hobby that requires certain treatments before and after.


This will be particularly important if the client is hoping to lose weight during the course of treatments. Information on what, when, how much and what cooking methods are used will be required along with any other factors that affect food intake and choice, re1 such as cost, cooking skills and facilities, mood and t food preferences. You may need to provide advice about healthy eating to help the client achieve success.

Social Habits

Social habits such as consumption of alcohol, how many units the client drinks in a week (one unit is equal to one glass of wine, one measure of spirits or a small glass of beer), and if they smoke can have an impact on fitness levels and the condition of the skin. You will also need to consider the number of late nights a client may have in a week, the quality of their sleep patterns or lack of sleep.

Previous beauty treatments

What beauty treatments has the client had in the past? How effective were they?

Once you have established the client’s current lifestyle, this will allow you to make professional recommendations for the most beneficial form treatment to meet their individual needs. It also allows you to advise clients about changes they could make to their lifestyle that will help improve achieve their objectives and reduce their stress levels. It is also important to tailor a client’s beauty routines and treatments to their lifestyle to ensure that they stay motivated and are able to maintain routines.


When providing body treatments the client’s objectives are often weight loss or figure control. There are many reasons for being overweight, one of the most common being poor eating habits that have developed over the years, and which probably began in childhood. Other reasons may include:

# overeating in childhood and adolescence can lead to a large number of fat cells being produced which increase in size as more weight is gained

• eating too many refined and processed foods, which contain hidden fats and sugar

• insufficient exercise to burn off the excess kilojoules.

Eating Vegan Port Douglas

A disturbance of normal metabolism can be a problem for a small percentage of people and they will need medical advice to deal with the cause.

Eating Vegan Port Douglas

There are several reasons why people wish to lose weight:

• Because they are obese, that is more than 20 per cent over their ideal weight.

• To reduce the risks of heart disease or high blood pressure.

»I $ To reach an ideal weight for their height and build.

• After childbirth to regain their figure.

• To lose weight in specific areas, e.g. thighs and hips.

• To ease the pressure on arthritic joints.

• For self-esteem.

• To feel fit and healthy

Eating Vegan Port Douglas

Eating Vegan Port Douglas

Whatever the reason, weight loss must approached in a sensible manner. It involves eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. This may be achieved by cutting out all the unnecessary foods while eating plenty of the foods that are allowed.


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