Your Posture

Your Posture

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Your Posture

Importance of Massage and your Posture! (plus other tidbits of information!)

Straighten Up

No matter what your shape or size, standing up straight will make Vou look and feel better. In fact, you can look as though you’ve lost five pounds simply by standing and walking correctly.

Inot only does a good posture help to make you look stronger, taller and more graceful, it is also very good for your health lessens the chances of back and neck 1 I problems, weak stomach muscles, tiredness and poor circulation.

To determine if your posture is good, stand as you usually do, with your heels against a wall. Your calves, buttocks, shoulders and the back of your head should touch the wall and you should just be able to slip your hand between the small of your back and the wall.

If, after doing this little test, Vou decide that your posture is not what it should be, then here’s what you Can do to improve it:

, When you’re sitting pull your navel in towards your spine arid I stretch the torso so it’s upright. • When standing for long periods of time, remember to check that your abdominal muscles are pulled in tight towards your spirie/ Vour hips are tilted slightly forward and Vour knees are relaxed.

• Exercise is a good way to improve Make sure Vou are doing exercises correctly/ especially if it involves equipment at a gym. • If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, find a chair that supports your lower back and keep your feet flat on the floor.

I To strengthen your back, squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold for 1 o seconds. Times. Do this regularly throughout the day.

Home Spa

and revitalizing for the skin as well as for the mind and body. While not everyone can afford the time or money for regular professional pampering, it is fortunately very easy to do a little DlV beauty at home, tr/ to set aside an afternoon when you’re unlikely to be disturbed and give yourself three hours of time. Spend the time treating your face to a thorough cleanse and4t’~v V***” S-M,-tf«n tie exfoliation, nourishing mask and stimulating massage with >our firgertips. Give your body the same attention with an invigorating exfoliating scrub followed W a lathering hands and it’s a I so a good time to give yourself a mini *D manicure and pedicure.

Facial tips:

iTo create your own ‘steamer’, fill a large bowl with very hot water. Ho Id your head about 15 inches above the water and create a tent by draping a towel over your head and shoulders and the bowl, stay like this for five to 1 o minutes.

Steaming liquifies the impurities trapped in your pores and helps get rid of blackheads. Avoid this if you’re prone to redness or suffer from broken capillaries.

• Choose a mask according to your skin type. If your skin is diY’ Qo for a rich, hydrating product. If it’s oi’y, a clay-based deep-cleansiri£ mask will do the trick.

• You should aim for a salon facial every six weeks or a home regime of gentle exfoliation and a nourish’ ing mask once a week.

• Always make sure your therapist knows your skin’s history- If it’s your first time at a salon, Vou should be required to f 111 out a detailed client card.

• The massage action stimulates and oxygenates the skin; the reason skin glows after a facial.

*A faciaI is also great for reducing stress levels. It forces you to take some time out and relax.

The keys to healthy skin

Vou can choose your friends, but not Vour family – or your genes. Genes play an important part in your overall appearance and determine how your skin behaves and ages. Although you cannot do anything about the characteristics you inherit from your parents, you can use them as an ‘age barometer’ and take certain steps to arm yourself against problems that are likely to > / come your way.


During exercise the circulation is boosted and oxygen-rich blood delivered to every cell in your body allowing nutrients to be absorbed quicker. The short-term effect is a long-term, many experts believe that exercise improves the skin’s elasticity and encourages new cell growth. However, that moderation is the key to good health. Professional sportspeople sometimes have a gaunt look due to a low body Cte That is not necessarily a good thing as you get older, it may mean you lose some of that youthful plumpness. Training outdoors also potentially means more / sun exposure.


Although some dermatologists don’t believe that what you eat has any effect on the state of your skin, it is acknowledged that your skin reflects the general health of your bodyClear, radiant skin is dependant on the efficient functioning of your kidneys, intestines and liver-the organs responsible for detoxification and waste removal. Excess alcohol. And fatty foods can put strain these organs, resulting in a sluggish system and pasty, blotchy skin, while smoking and high caffeine intake can compromise your body’s defence sy$tem. Regular crash dieting also plays havoc with your body and can add as much as 10 years to Vour face, while nutrient deficiencies wi 11 affect Vour for Bre example, can manifest in a dull, dry complexion; a shortage of vitamin q may result in dullness and easy bru’tsing; lack of vitamin A can cause dry skin and a disruption in cellular turnover; a deficiency in iron can produce a pale complexion; and a vitamin B deficiency may lead to breakof the mouth.


Skincare experts now believe that skin cells regenerate as the body rests, repairing damage done durin9 the day and producing new cells in preStudies have A.. 1. – vV– .~ mL have lower levels of a growth hormone that influences specific skin-growth factors like collagen and keratin production. As far most of us are concerned, there’s just no denying what a lack of sleep does to Your eyes and complexion!


Your skin absorbs a small amount of oxygen through the pores and so rela needs to ‘breathe’. Anything onto your face for at least a the small part of each day and always cleanse well to avoid blocked pores. Breathing properly through your lungs will also benefit Vour skin: breathing in supplies your skin with oxygen and breathing out removes Many of us breathe incorrectly by taking shallow breaths into the top of the chest. Inhaling and exhalin9 slowly through the nose. Keep the shoulders relaxed and draw each breath right down into your stomach, there to a count of four, before exhal’ ing slowly^ emptying out Vour lungs completely. Breathing is a great stress reliever: it has been shown to lower the pulse rate and its easy/ rhythmic quality is comforting.

Enemies of the Skin


fresh air combined with certain health keys is what we should all aspire to. Unfortunately, modern lifestyles mean it’s impossible to escape the city’s by* products. There’s no doubt that living in a city contributes to premature age ing of the skin. Chemicals such as car oxides of nitrogen, lead and chlorofluorocarbons (all part of what we know as pollution) set off free radicals, which lead to collagen and elastin breakdown, furthermore, car fumes (especially leaded petrol) and dust can filter in through air vents; chemicals are released into the air fc?y machines; I systems restrict the supply of fresh air in office buildings; and there’s uV radiation from unnatural liQht sources and computer screens. Our drinking water often contains chemicals, residues of heavy metals and human wastes. Add stress to this package and it’s no wonder we’re seeing so many more cases of sensitized skin. In fact, living in a polluted city can add as much as five years to Vour face. Answer-other than retiring to the Alps-comes in the form of antioxidants.


A diet too high in sugar or simple carbohydrates may have a negative effect on the skin’s appearance and m how fast it ages. Sugar in the human body can attach itself to structural proteins like elastin and collagen, causing them to be less flexible and potentially more prone to degeneration. If, for instance, an enzyme that repairs skin after sun exposure isn’t th< working properly because it’s got a sugar stuck to it, then that important function isn’t going to happen. Remember that the body converts anything that’s starch rice, cake and flour – into sugar. Rather opt for’good’ foods like protein, essential fatty acids (found in fatt/ fish ||ke mackerel, salmon and tuna) and iron. An iron deficiency contributes to anaemia and a low blood count, and produces a pale, sallow complexion.


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