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Oncology Massage Port Douglas

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Oncology Massage Port Douglas

Oncology Massage And Lymph Drainage Massage

Introduction: Manual LvmDh Drainage

The human lymph system is vital to our life force (Chi) yet probably the most under-rated organization” in our body. It acts as the defence ministry> garbage collectors, Secret service and building construction industry – all at the same time. Structure extends like a honeycomb webbing across the body surface. The lymph system is also found in the deeper- around organs, intestines and connective tissue. The basic concept of Manual Lymph Drainage massage is to stimulate the lymphatic flowconcentrating on the superficial structure to enhance function throughout. Generally the main intersection” (or terminusconnection between the lymphatic and venous system) main intersection” (or terminus – connection between the lymphatic and venous system) is stimulated and ‘opened” first. Lymph fluid of the relevant body is then drained and is stimulated and “opened” first. Lymph fluid of the relevant body is then drained and emptied” towards the terminus, then guided back into venous system for elimination. In a whole body treatment the therapist always opens and clears the filter station (lymph node centre) then drains and empties fluid from the relevant body area towards it. (i.e. node centre) then drains and empties fluid from the relevant body area towards it. ( node centre) then drains and empties fluid from the relevant body area towards it. (i.e. arm, upper trunk drains into axillary filter station). Contrary to a muscular massage a MLD treatment commences on the neck area on the front of the body and then proceeds . From proximal to distal. The back of the body becomes a “secondary” importance with MLD

Oncology Massage Port Douglas

These notes were first and originally prepared in 1992, mostly from German text and video and my clinical experience and client observations. Since that time text has been added based on further studies and clinical experience. It has been beneficial to have had input from the many practitioners who have attended since 1992 and the notes have been continuously revised following suggestions from students and practitioners, as well as the presenter’s ongoing study, regular refreshers in Germany and the wealth of experience. It would be appreciated if you do not circulate these notes to others who have not completed the workshops. As you will sec the techniques require practice under supervision. The notes used in our workshops are necessarily brief, supplying greater depth and providing confidence for practice is the basis for the course. The presenter reserves entire intellectual rights of all written contents of the training manual.

Oncology Massage Port Douglas

Features of the MLD techniques

Always start with terminus for all treatments 2- Stroke pressure is more or less 60 gms per square cm. ll strokes commencing proximal to the filter stations and then strokes moving distally. 4′ Each stroke is performed 5-7 times, as this time is required to overcome the inertia ot J/ymphatic fluid.

Pressure / zero phase is used on all strokes. (Diagram page HO 6- If oedema is present, treatment plan and areas treated have to be considered carefully due to possible contra indications.

^ Treatment is to be pain free and does not normally cause skin* redness (hyperemia) exlfept’ occasionally on fair skinned individuals.

1 reatment times are usually min of Hr, as short treatments are ineffective.

Stationary circles precede other strokes 9- Check normal contra-indication

10-Work in warm room, do not use oil with MLD treatment, powder is ok * 11 – Recommend high fresh WaterMtake after treatment to increase flushing effect^

12-Advise clients of possible side effects: headaches, nausea, increased urinary output, dreams,elimination.

Oncology Massage Port Douglas


1- Stationary Circles (Stehende Kreise): this is a circular stroke used with of the other or double- handed. It can be performed using two hands working one. Stat circles can be applied with fingertips, extended fingers or whole hand.

2- pump Grip (pumpgriff) this is a milking, pumping style of stroke – squeezing and pushing

3- Scoop Grip (Schopfgriff) Similar to a pump grip but more rolling action rather than squeezing like a corkscrew. Mainly for arms and legs.

4- Combination Grip (Quergriff) acombination of pump grip and stationary circling using both hands. Usually used for large flat surfaces such as flanks.

5- Wave Grip > (^ellengriff): a wave- like stroke applied one- or two handed, preferably used over “larger” quadrant areas such as chest, thoracic and lateral thigh.

Oncology Massage Port Douglas


Lymphoedema is the abnormal pooling of protein, water and solute in the interstitial tissues. Protein cncourages loss of water from circulating blood by osmosis (Starlings Law)’ Removal of wastes and cellular debris is very important for healing. If the lymphatics are not working they are not removing above matters.

Stagnation of protein rich lymph causes lymphoedema and secondary fibrosis. Stagnation provides bacteria with their culture medium, hence inflammation, which leads to aggravation of oedema.

Lymphoedema pits prior to fibrosis setting. It may reduce with overnight rest temporarily. The next stage is non-pitting swelling, also loss of ROM and pain.

Oedema separates cells so diffusion of cellular gases is irritated, hence hypoxia and necrosis. Prolonged oedema causes collapse of initial lymph vessels, thus Lymphostasis occurs and the problem is transmitted backwards e.g. from breast to arm

High total tissue pressure causes closure of blood vessels, which in time leads to arteriovenous Stasis. Initial lymph vessels can grow in numbers when the body presents with a high-protein oedema (compensating device). The collecting lymphatic vessels develop fibrosis when protein-rich stagnation and lack of lymphatic circulation sets in. A high-protein oedema is a chronic inflammation.

Oncology Massage Port Douglas


Recommended Full Body treatment sequence for MLD application on a client with an intact lymph system.

Oncology Massage Port Douglas


1-Clear terminus (Sterno-clavicular area), using stationary circles. 2- Work neck area, lateral, posterior, anterior with stat. Circles


3- Clear axillary lymph nodes: pectoralis to axilla proximal arm to axilla Trunk to axilla 4- Work breast and chest area, draining to axilla


5- Clear abdomen: upper inguinals/iliacais/ groin lymphatics Work abdominal area including deep abdominal breathing stroke for cisterna chylii


6~ yfork upper arm: proximal to distal with pump grip, scoop grip, stat. Circles Clear cubital nodes Work forearm, hands and fingers ** Optional whether to work arms or chest/breast sequence after basis sequence.


  1. Work legs proximal to distal with stat. Circles pump grip, combination stroke Clear popliteal nodes Work lower leg (knee bent for scoop grip), ankles, and feet

BACK OF NECK – client prone

work back of neck/head draining to terminus using stat circles and butterfly stroke


work thoracic area posterior towards anterior draining to axilla Work lumbar area (below 12th rib) draining to inguinal Work gluteal area towards inguinal with exception of anal fold

FACE – client supine

work face and front of head draining to terminus


draining all trunk filter stations and terminus again Work lower leg, ankles and feet.

Oncology Massage Port Douglas


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